Peer Supporters are dedicated to their craft, but the basic training is just that - Basic. Once on the job peer supporters are faced with situations they may not have been trained for. At Holding The Hope, we are dedicated to helping decrease turnover and increase the effectiveness of each peer hired. 

Our world class faculty brings their skill and experience as peers to the subjects they teach. We believe in recovery and the unique role peer support has in the recovery process. The Holding The Hope Peer Support Training Center has options for peers that are new on the job or experienced and looking for some refresher training. 

Since 2003 Holding the Hope has provided expert training and consulting to international corporations, state and county governments and individual behavioral health provider agencies. The company has grown to include a team of trainers, consultants and speakers, all who are experts in their fields and all who bring their personal recovery story to their work.

With a wealth of expertise, insight and experience, Holding the Hope’s team of experts have helped transform the way mental health and addiction are viewed and treated in many counties and private agencies across the country. This team infuses hope into everything they do, and they’ll teach you how to do it too.